The Learning Challenge Curriculum

Since September, we have implemented the statutory requirements of the 2014 National Curriculum in a manner which encourages the children at Upton Primary to be more involved and engaged in their learning. The Focus Curriculum requires deep thinking and encourages pupils to work using a question as the starting point. The challenges link to aspects of the Science, History or Geography knowledge, skills and understanding.

A pre-learning task will allow the children to display what they already know and will highlight any misconceptions they may have.

In designing the curriculum, teachers and pupils can use information gained in the pre-learning task to shape the unit of work and decide which other related questions they wish to find answers to.

Importantly the challenges need to make sense to the learner and should be something within their immediate understanding.

Each challenge will involve a WOW day to excite the children, usually at the beginning of the unit. This may involve a school trip, a visitor in school or a stimulus object.

At the end of each challenge there will be time for the children to review their learning. The reflection may be in the form of a presentation, an assembly for parents or a gallery of photos (displayed in our school library).

We ensure that our curriculum is broad and balanced and reflects fundamental British values. There is a great focus on all aspects of English and Maths; skills being taught in isolation and applied across all areas of the curriculum.


Our phonics scheme is Read, Write Inc.  Lessons are delivered between 9am and 9.30am every morning.  Children are taught in small ability groups to meet individual childrens needs.

Reviews are carried out every 6 weeks and children are moved on where appropriate.