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Upton Primary School


Welcome to Lower Foundation

(LF - River Don)


Teacher :    Miss L Copley

Nursery Nurse:    Miss V Kent

Higher Level Teaching Assistant:    Mrs J Fish


What are we learning about?

This half term our topic is ‘Traditional Tales.’ 

We are learning about key characters from traditional tales, how the stories are sequenced and some of the well known phrases!

"I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house down!"

"Who's been eating my porridge?"

"Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair"

Our medium term plan is available here 


ODN 12pcs kindergarten Performance Dance Small Scarf, Random Color

Upcoming events...

31.03.2020 - Easter Themed Inspire

06.07.2020 - EYFS Obstacle Course

09.07.2020 - New to Upper Foundation Meeting



To further encourage our children to develop a love of reading we have adapted our family sharing time. We welcome parents to stay for the first 15 minutes of each session and will now put out a selection of reading books on a Tuesday and Thursday that we would like our parents to share with their children.  On Monday, Wednesday and Friday we will have our name writing cards out as usual. 

We will be continuing with our library service this term where we will let your child choose a book to bring home for the week to enjoy with you. Books will be swapped on a Thursday so we ask that on a Thursday your child puts their library book in the box in the cloakroom ready to be swapped. 



Miss M Nelson (R1 - River Thames)

Mrs K Collier (R2 – River Mersey)

Supporting Adults

Mrs D Clarke

Mrs L Ellis

Miss Hickton


What we are learning about

This half term our topic is ‘Traditional Tales'.

Click here to see the medium term plan.


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Upcoming Events

This half term we will be working on an Under the Sea themed project where the children will design and make their own t-shirt, before showing them to KS1 in a fashion show.

EYFS Obstacle course is on Monday 1st July - parents are invited to attend this with their children. 

Parents meeting for children starting Upper Foundation in September will take place on Thursday 11th July at 9:00am. 

The children will take part in a Fun Day event on Tuesday 16th July where we will have a magician and other various exciting activities!  Parents are not required at this event. 


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